"I've seen mortgage solutions help many of my clients here in Utah go from the feeling of stress to confidence to abundance."

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Expert mortgage solutions can help you be secure and confident.

Eric Halliday, Utah's Mortgage Solutions Expert, has been helping Utahn's find remarkable mortgage solutions since 1999.

Meet Eric Halliday, one of the most trusted mortgage loan officers in the industry. With over 22 years of experience in the field, Eric has earned a solid reputation for his professionalism, honesty, and dedication to his clients.

Eric began his career in the mortgage industry after earning his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University.

Over the years, Eric has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them navigate the complexities of the mortgage process and find the right loan product to fit their unique needs.

What sets Eric apart from his peers is his unwavering commitment to his clients. He takes the time to understand each client's financial situation and goals, and he works tirelessly to find the best loan options available. He is known for his clear communication, attention to detail, coming up with expert solutions, and ability to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Eric's expertise extends beyond traditional mortgage products. He has a deep knowledge of government-backed loans such as the new Reverse Mortgage, and he has helped many clients take advantage of these programs to achieve their homeownership dreams.

In addition to his work as a loan officer, Eric is an active member of his community. He volunteers his time and resources to support local charities and organizations, and he is always looking for ways to give back.

If you're looking for an honest, respected reverse mortgage expert you can trust, look no further than Eric Halliday. His experience, expertise, and dedication to his clients have made him a standout in the industry since 1999.

Meet Eric:

Read about just a few solutions that have helped our clients:

"A few years ago, I was wanting to purchase a home, but I couldn't quite qualify because I had high medical bills. It was hurting my credit score too, giving me a higher mortgage rate. The good people at Utah Mortgage Pros spent over an hour and half taking a second look at my situation. After re-working the numbers, they came up with an amazing idea that made it possible to pay off all my medical debts that allowed me to qualify for a different mortgage and get the house."

"I wanted to buy a house with my husband, but the sellers wanted to close really fast. I talked to the lender I had qualified with, and they told me it wasn't likely we could close that fast. I talked to Eric, he pulled some strings and got us closed on time, AND with a better rate."

"I had a load of credit card debt that I wanted to pay off with a cash-out refinance. My credit scores were not as good as they should've been because of all the debt. The solution I was given was to do two refinances: one to pay off the debt and then a second one later on in the year to get better terms once my credit scores went up. Doing the first loan with the no-cost option made the strategy awesome! In the end, my monthly payments dropped by over 700 dollars!"

What will a winning mortgage from Eric and the team at Utah Mortgage Pros do for you?

  • Access to rock-bottom wholesale pricing

  • Award-winning low rates

  • Product/pricing flexibility

  • Access to multiple lenders and hundreds of products in the wholesale market

  • We work for YOU, not for a bank

  • What will be YOUR success story?

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Eric Halliday, Utah's Most Trusted Loan Advisor Since 1999.

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